Remembering Viet Nam.....

Viet Nam had a profound effect on everyone who lived during that time but especially on the young men and women of the military who had the misfortune to be sent there. These were honorable soldiers who were dishonored by politics over which they had no control. What happened to them in Viet Nam was worsened by how we treated them when they came home. We shamed them for serving their country.

With gratitude and pride I dedicate this site to them.
They are no less heroes than those who have served their country before or since.

The links on this page (and the pages that link from them) will lead you through an
educational, enlightening, personal and emotional tour of what it means to serve your country.

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sacrilege of sacrificed youth

why are you angry? bitter?
a "doubting thomas"?
are we not both children of faith
in god? america? and
all mankind?
with pride we enlisted in the military.
we wanted to serve our country.
to preserve honor and freedom.
the glory of america.
i am sorry, little brother, that vietnam

happened then.
sorry that you were only a
seventeen year old marine. and
anguished that i, a woman
in the army, could not go instead. or
at least, with you.
i can understand your frustration.
fighting, with friends dying,
in a war that wasn't a war.
i too learned of politics. of bureaucratic

whitewash. and games that generals
play with little toy soldiers on
topographic maps.
of propagandism. manipulated press.
and mindless powers that sent little toy
soldiers to be killed by real bullets....
but why are you angry? bitter?
a "doubting thomas"?
are we not both children of faith

in god? america? and
all mankind?
with pride.....

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"Thoughts that stay with me about Viet Nam..."

It was a nightly parade on the six o' clock news.... somber soldiers loading flag draped, government issue caskets into traffic jams of black, non-feeling, hearses while the grieving sound of taps counted cadence and a voice (free of any emotion) read the names of those who were "coming home."

We hated watching but we were afraid not to, just in case it was....

my little brother joined the Marines three days after he graduated from high school at the age of seventeen. He was just a boy like the majority of his comrades, but if patriotism is a gage for man hood, they were most assuredly men! Youth died quickly in Viet Nam. He left his in Van Tong and Chu Lai with the bodies of his friends who gave their lives there. Youth was something sealed in a black body bag stamped "contents unviewable" and shipped home draped with an American flag in a sanctimonious attempt to dignify the sacrifice. Although he eventually left Viet Nam, Viet Nam has never left him. It's been more than forty years since his life was neutralized by agent orange and the horrors of a war that "wasn't a war".

Cheryl Harvey Hill
Veteran WAC/ARNG/US Army

Adopted POW-MIA
PFC William Edward Skivington, Jr.

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