joshua tree in Searchlight Nevada...
all that glitters isn't gold.

Mystical, magical, beautiful Nevada with majestic mountains, azure blue lakes, intriguing terrain, unique cities and towns is not just a place; from border to border, it IS an experience.

Since gambling is what usually brings people to Las Vegas, they seldom see anything beyond the Strip or the downtown area. But there is much, much more to experience in Nevada besides Las Vegas.

One of the best kept secrets in Nevada is Cottonwood Cove. This secluded resort community sits on the beautiful Lake Mohave just fourteen miles down hill from the small mining town of  Searchlight. Searchlight is situated midway between Las Vegas and Laughlin and has a most interesting and intriguing history that includes Clara Bow, Rex Bell, Edith Head, Scott Joplin and an endless list of colorful and fascinating characters that are fodder for the legends of the old west.

Cottonwood Cove, NV 
Cottonwood Cove on Lake Mohave and the Colorado River

Far from being sparse and lifeless, the desert is actually teaming with life and beauty. On the Cottonwood Cove road it is not unusual to see jackrabbits, wild burros, wild mustangs, bighorn sheep, desert tortoise, owls and, of course, scorpions, snakes, tarantulas and a few other critters that you might want to avoid. There are also many beautiful plants and cactus and the mountains are a kaleidoscope of colors that change by the hour. Many people are under the false assumption that there are NOT any trees in the desert and that is absolutely NOT true. There are many, many trees in the desert -- all of the most recognizable trees like elm, oak, ash, cottonwood and pine (many varieties) but one of the most unique is the josuha tree. When the joshua trees are in bloom in the spring with their huge white blossoms, they are really beautiful. Even when they aren't in bloom, they are always interesting in appearance.

Between CalNevAri and Laughlin is a canyon called Christmas Tree Pass; although there are many different types of trees throughout the pass, the majority of them are pine trees and tourists can't seem to resist hanging decorations on them. Legend has it that the prospectors started this tradition when they would scratch messages in tin plates and leave them hanging from the trees for other prospectors who might come through the area. Many years later, tourists going through the pass would leave messages for other travelers and at some point in time, they actually started leaving Christmas decorations on the trees. The tradition continued until a few years ago when the Indians, who believe the pass is sacred, protested and removed all of the thousands of decorations. If you go there, please respect the Indians beliefs and just enjoy the peace and serenity - don't leave any decorations on the trees.

 Lake Mohave on the Colorado River by Cottonwood Cove, NV
Lake Mohave - Colorado River -  Cottonwood Cove & Laughlin, NV

Did you know there is an Alpine ski and snowboard resort just minutes outside of Las Vegas off of Interstate 15? Lee Canyon has a 9510 foot summit and an annual snowfall of 120 inches. During the winter months , although the temperatures in Las Vegas seldom get below freezing, the mountains surrounding Las Vegas are often covered with snow from late fall through spring. Since Las Vegas sits in a bowl, surrounded by mountains, she wears a white halo in the winter months.

There are remnants of time left all over the face of Nevada. If you fly over Nevada, you will see many strange and interesting land and rock formations. Some made by God - others made by man. One of the most unique is the circular formations left by the Desert Training Center, later known as the CAMA (California/Arizona Maneuver Area). Gen. Patton was in charge of this training center during WWII and although Nevada is not mentioned in it's name, it was actually located just a few miles from the Searchlight and CalNevAri area.

Despite the ongoing discussions about the shortage of drinking water in Nevada, there is plenty of recreational water available. In addition to the Colorado River and Lake Mohave (which is located between the Davis Dam and Hoover Dam) there is also Lake Mead National Recreation Area which boasts 1.5 million breathtakingly beautiful acres.  And just in case you are concerned about all the water you see in fountains and waterfalls at many of the larger casinos in Las Vegas, the water they use is NOT drinking water. It is recycled (don't ask!) water. The Mirage has one of the most spectacular arrangement of water falls, rolling brooks and mini lakes. I only mention this because I worked at the Mirage for three years and I loved it.... so I promote it whenever I can.

If gambling, golf, water skiing, snow skiing (yes, we do have SNOW ski resorts) and all you are looking for is peace and quiet ... Nevada has plenty of that too ... in it's most magnificent form. Just drive the scenic highways of this marvelous state.

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